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I’ve never built before, where do I start?

Give Keane Building a call. We will arrange an onsite meeting. We can discuss an initial concept plan and a rough scope and budget.

No, our team is proficient enough and experienced when it comes to consents and so forth and we will take care of lodging the application on your behalf. We try and make the experience the most enjoyable and stress free we can for you, so you can sit back and relax and watch your build take shape. Adding to that all our paper work is combined and handed to you, at the start, so that you can sign and hand it back. The Keane Building team will then hand your consent in for council approval, making it that much easier for you without having to even lift a finger….well just to sign.

A full contract involves a fixed price for your whole project and the building company will organise everything involved from contractors to the final building inspection.

A cost plus contract includes the price of all materials plus the builder’s margin. Although this type of contract does not offer a fixed price, it allows you to take advantage of builder’s discounts on materials and trades as well as input new things as the project progresses. Under Cost Plus the building company will also organise everything from contractors to the final inspection.

This type of contract only covers the costs of the builder’s labour, meaning you have to arrange contractors, inspections, materials and everything else yourself. This process is very costly and time consuming unless you are able to hire an experienced project manager to take on the task of organising your project.

Yes, you absolutely do. At Keane Building we provide Contract Works insurance for new homes ensuring you can sleep easy. For renovations, insurance must be added to your existing homeowner insurance policy. In this case we provide Public Liability insurance as we are unable to insure the renovation if we don’t own the house. We also provide our own guarantee to make sure that you are covered on fronts and receive only the best quality.

You can rest easy knowing your biggest investment is backed by Halo – New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10 year residential guarantee. This unique cover is a safety net for your building project, that’s only available when you work with a highly qualified NZCB approved builder.


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